Pack your bags and head straight to Junglee Camps & Resort – a place offering perfect serenity among the abundance of nature. Get ready to enjoy some of these amazing adventure camping activities in Dhanaulti:

Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge- would you like to walk on the bridge made of ropes! A favourite activity of many adventure lovers. We offer you a great adventure with this exciting activity. Under the guidance of expert trainers, you will explore a sports person in you, as you will march ahead this bridge. So are you ready to compete in a fun-filled competition!! May the best person win.


Hiking- the beautiful and long hiking trails in Dhanaulti is waiting for you to explore. Spend some muscle moving time aside beauty of nature with your favourite group of people. With all the hiking equipment’s, we are all set to deliver you amazing experience under the guidance of experts. Where we assure your safe return from a heart touching nature walk.


Cycling- be ready for adventures cycling experience, we offer you cycling across the patchy mountainous path laden with greenery. This will revive your childhood memories of all the fun you had with cycling. It would be like adding more to those beautiful memories, as the road will take you through the journey amid of nature.


Meditation- mountains are known for peace and untouched beauty of nature. Thus, proving the fact, that most saints head towards mountains for seeking the spiritual light. The similar experience you will enjoy meditating here, the peaceful atmosphere away from hassle-full city life is a perfect spot for spending some time with your inner self.

Snow Capped Mountains

Snow Capped Mountains- this place has treks leading you to snowy mountains of Himalayas. This place serves as a base centre towards many famous hill stations like Chamba and Mussoorie. The winters in Dhanaulti will require you to pack your winter wears, in summers also you will experience pleasant weather.

White Camps

White Camps – the soulful peace belongs to this place, inspired by the same idea we have luxurious camps wrapped in peaceful white colour. These camps will let you experience the nature from close, the experience that you miss being in hotels. At the same time, we have also considered all the luxury services to give you the comfortable, calm, clean and luxurious experience.


Bonfire- the perfect camp evening is incomplete without the bonfire. If you are with the family, your colleagues, or with your partner, then bonfire is must for making the gathering special. As this bonfire will invite stories and will reveal warm bonds as the night ages. The special evening around gazing fire will set the comfortable atmosphere to be spent with near and dear ones.


Badminton/Basketball- bonding over your favourite competition drove sports like badminton and basketball is the best way of strengthening relations. As this gives you the opportunity to connect at the emotional level, hence developing some long-term relations. This work magically for corporate gatherings to strengthen business bonds, and relations among employees and between the company and its employees.

Kids Play Area

Kids Play Area-we have special arrangements for kids to play, explore and bond with family and friends. We have some suitable activities for kids to enjoy and explore this beautiful place in a fun way. Every activity is guided by our expert trainers and technicians, to ensure the safety of your kids. So this place is all about spending some quality time in the peaceful and nature laden atmosphere with your friends and family.