Indoor Activities

Summers are long in India, and so does the summer vacations. Beside the scorching sun and hot weather, we all have waited and enjoyed the summer vacation, especially back in school days. Therefore, we took action on this thought, by bringing you some old yet gold games back on the board. Let us enter the world of nostalgia with these all-time favorite indoor games.

Carrom Game

Do you remember playing the Carrom board all day long, during the summer vacations, back in your childhood days. Well, we believe in bringing back the beautiful memories, so with this game; we offer you a chance to relive those old memories, once again. This time with your family. Isn’t it just amazing to relive those memories once again with your better half or your kids or maybe with your old friends?


Back in those hay days or even today, we consider chess as a smart game. There is always some pride connected to this game. As most of these indoor games are played by kids, but this one game is loved by both adults and kids. Therefore, it is a chance for adults and kids to bond over. Isn’t it cool, that you get to build friendly relation with those strict adults?


This is an ultimate gem, when a talk is about indoor games. Don’t you remember the heartbreak you faced, when the snake bit your player at the top of the game, and your player was back again at the bottom. On the other side, you have Ludo; this is something that requires some tactics and brainpower. So be ready with your moves.


This game gave you a glimpse of a world that belongs to adults. It developed the business sense in you and gave you many dreams. Lots of brainpower is required to get the plane, hotel and big cities in this game. It taught us about being careful regarding big decisions. Therefore, in disguise this game taught us all a lot about the real world. So why not give it another shot, let’s see how differently, you make the decisions this time