Third Party Activities

Along with such amazing indoor and outdoor activities, there are many activities around the property, which you can choose, pay and enjoy. All such special activities from the third party are as per your choice and on request. As we believe in delivering you nothing less than the best, we try our best to deliver you all that you desire. List of all third party activities are given below.


This activity belongs to the list of favorite activities, of adventure lovers. This activity is all about fun with gravity. You would have a pulley suspended from cable, which is attached on both sides. Then you either would hold or are attached to that pulley, and gravity will play its trick, and you would move along the slope from high end to low destined point.

Rock Climbing

As the name itself clears the game. It is all about the strength of your muscles, as you would require to pull your weight up the rock, of course with the help of a rope. It is an adventurous activity, you must try at least once, but do consider your health status first before trying this kind of activity.

Burma Bridge

Burma Bridge- would you like to walk on the bridge made of ropes! A favourite activity of many adventure lovers. We offer you a great adventure with this exciting activity. Under the guidance of expert trainers, you will explore a sports person in you, as you will march ahead this bridge. So are you ready to compete in a fun-filled competition!! May the best person win.


Hiking- the beautiful and long hiking trails in Dhanaulti is waiting for you to explore. Spend some muscle moving time aside beauty of nature with your favourite group of people. With all the hiking equipment’s, we are all set to deliver you amazing experience under the guidance of experts. Where we assure your safe return from a heart touching nature walk.